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Tree Removal


Stump Removal

We're prepared to deal with any problematic tree situation. If there's a tree placed too close to a structure, blocking a path, or affected by a storm or insect damage, our team at Preston Stump & Tree Removal can have it removed regardless of the size.
Stumps often are often unsightly and can become a home for many pests, such as carpenter ants, hornets, or termites. Many stumps also interfere with building plans or landscaping ideas. We can remove any unwanted stumps that are too difficult to remove on your own.

Why Remove A Dead Tree?



If your tree is dead or dying, you may be at risk of unwanted pests coming and making that tree their home. From rats to termites, they could move in and then migrate to your home.


Don't let your dead rotting tree affect the look of your landscape and home. Let us increase your curb appeal by removing that ugly dead tree.


Dead trees will start to rot and decay which will inevitably make the tree weaker. Because the tree is weaker, it is more likely to fall over especially during a storm. Avoid costly damages and let us remove that dead tree.


Before the tree falls, you may have to deal with large falling branches. Since the branches are thinner they are more likely to break. This can be caused by storms or just over time, so call us today to protect your home and family.


If your tree is dead or dying from a disease, other plants around it can get that disease from it. So if there are flowers or other trees that are near the diseased one, they may be at risk of becoming infected and spreading the disease around your yard. So call us today so that we can stop the spread of these diseases around your yard.

Trimming & Pruning

There are many benefits to keeping your trees trimmed and pruned. Aside from making your landscape look cleaner and more attractive, we also take away potentially dangerous situations by trimming loose branches and cutting them away from windows or other structures like power lines. Removing dead wood is a preventative step in reducing pests.

Snow Plowing

Avoid get caught in the snow this winter by hiring us to do your snow plowing. Whether you have a residential or commercial space, we can make it safer by plowing back snow. With the snow plowing services we provide, we can take care of residential driveways, parking lots for businesses, and vehicles stuck in snow.
We make sure to handle cleanup with all of our service. For any questions about any of our services, give Preston Stump and Tree Removal a call at 240-321-1266.